Guidelines for solo performers

❁ Choose a duration for your performance
❁ Begin with one note. Consider changing notes (or group of notes) with each clip.
❁ If you’re playing an instrument that can play multiple notes at once, feel free to add additional notes to form a chord.
❁ You could consider forming a kind of polyphony here, where each note responds to various parts of the video.
❁ Consider using a particular register or sequence of notes for each section. You could decide to return to a similar register/group of notes as the video loops.
❁ Each score is a loop. Let the repetition inform your choices.
❁ Think of the video like a conductor, where small movements indicate softer playing and larger movements indicate louder.
❁ The video is the only aesthetic precedent for the work – consider whether the sound you are making aligns with the aesthetic of the video.

A non-definitive list of instrument/tone colour choices for each clip:
❁ Play one note and hold it (there are some elements of the video that don’t vary greatly)
❁ Change the vibrato in response to a particular movement of the video
❁ Change bow direction in response to a movement
❁ Use tremolo (there are some elements of the video that are constantly moving)
❁ Start/stop the individual note
❁ Start/stop the individual note using a variety of articulations
❁ Go back and forth between two notes using the rhythm of an element of the video
❁ Go back and forth between three notes (or more)
❁ Repeat a small phrase in response to a particular movement of the video